More information: Otten, Pinto, Paffen, Seth & Kanai (in press). The Uniformity Illusion: Central stimuli can determine peripheral perception. Psychological Science

Two examples of the Uniformity illusion with text as an example. 
  • Open the video fullscreen.
  • Keep your eyes fixated on the centre of the screen for a good amount of time (tens of seconds to minutes).
  • Note, depending on your screen size and your distance to your screen, this illusion may even work without making the example full screen.
For more information, see the text below the examples.

More information: When the centre consists of letters, the whole screen (after a while) will seem to consist mainly of letters. However, when the centre consists of Xs, the whole sceen will seem to consist of Xs. Importantly, in both examples the periphery is identical. Note that the illusion takes time to occur, and after occurrence may wane in and out of existence for different parts of the visual field.