More information: Otten, Pinto, Paffen, Seth & Kanai (in press). The Uniformity Illusion: Central stimuli can determine peripheral perception. Psychological Science

Four examples of the Peripheral Overflow illusion with a regular pattern as an example. 
  • Open the video fullscreen.
  • Keep your eyes fixated on the centre of the screen for a good amount of time (tens of seconds to minutes).
  • The first two examples contain no fixation spot, the latter two are identical to the first two, but they do contain a fixation spot. Some people find that the illusion works better without a fixation spot, but you can try out which works best for yourself. 
For more information, see the text below the examples.

More information: Although the grid seems irregular at the edges at the beginning, after a while these irregularities seem to evaporate. In the first example the deviations are smaller than in the second example, leading to a quicker onset of the illusion in the first case. Note that the illusion takes time to occur, and after occurrence may wane in and out of existence for different parts of the visual field.